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Tammarrah Addison


My name is Tammarrah, and I am an educational consultant, poet, author, and public speaker.

I wear many crowns; an artist, former US Navy veteran, and creative arts educator with the State of Virginia.


In 2018, I published my first poetry book, "Unbossed & Unapologetic: Poetry for the Awakened Woman," and I have since dedicated much of my work to help others utilize the performing arts to meet their mission.

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“Together, we creatively construct pathways that forge bright futures.”

M.Ed, M.A.

Educational Consultant | Poet | Author | Public Speaker

State of Virginia


Educational Consultant


As a certified teacher and a recognized teaching artist by the Virginia Commission of the Arts, Tammarrah brings the voice and experience of teachers, students, parents, curriculum writers, and equity advocates to the horizon. 

Her decade and a half of instruction, facilitation, theater, and artistic coach experiences establish her as a trusted source. She has been a leader in equity programming for years, working on DEI issues. She's designed and led professional development projects on various educational matters using a unique blend of the arts, relevant research, expertise, and collaboration. 


Contact Tammarrah for a customized transformational plan that prioritizes the school's mission and vision.

Poet | Author | Public Speaker

Tammarrah's passion for the arts is academically backed by a Bachelor of Theatre Arts from San Diego State University, a Master of Education from Azusa Pacific University, and a Master of Theatre Education from Regent University. 

Her work explores the intricacies of women's empowerment, most notably, the essence of their spaces' unapologetic agency, which has included performing and directing over 20 shows across the United States of America and Japan.


Publication; "Unbossed & Unapologetic: Poetry for the Awakened Woman" - Dec 2018. (Available now in paperback at Barnes & Nobles and Books-A-Million.)

In 2017, she released her first spoken word album, "Unbossed Unapologetic Vol 1: Superwoman", providing women with the 10 Power Boosters for success.

A second album, "TEMERITY: Unbossed Unapologetic Vol 2", came out in July 2018. This one gives women more tools to fight for their desires and needs.​

Keep a look out for my second book - to be released in 2023.

Visit Tammarrah's Virginia Commission for the Arts profile.

Eduucatioa Consultant


It's always my honor to help others achieve their personal, organizational, or entrepreneurial goals through efficient, creative approaches.

Let's connect!

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